Welcome to Sutherland Early Learning Childcare Centre

Located in North Vancouver, Sutherland Preschool, a non-profit Christian organization, has been serving the North Shore community for over 30 years by providing quality early learning in a safe and nurturing environment.  As the needs of North Shore families are changing, we are expanding our program to provide full day child-care sessions in a preschool context, continuing to offer our half day preschool sessions that families’ have come to value.

Our goal is to provide an early learning experience for children and their families that will serve as a strong foundation for their future years.

Sutherland Preschool

We seek to provide opportunities and experiences that will promote each child’s growth – emotional, social, physical, intellectual and spiritual – during a period of rapid development. Our challenge is to have a program that engages every member of the class in a joyful learning experience.

Sutherland Early Learning Childcare Centre is a licensed, government inspected school with qualified and carefully selected staff. The centre is directed by a volunteer committee of dedicated and experienced members. We embrace a diverse school population welcoming ESL children and those requiring extra support.

“We feel that he has grown as a person; and that his social and verbal skills have increased tremendously…Therefore his first experience with organized school was very enjoyable and exciting for him and I believe he will have a life-long passion for learning” (comment from a former parent)


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